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Why Rush Alpha Iota Omicron?

Alpha Iota Omicron is a fraternity dedicated to providing males the means for success. Success has various meanings to different individuals; however, AIO has what it takes to help each brother to reach his potential and his own definition of success. We expect each brother to live up to AIO's principles, to be his absolute best in his society and professional life. If you become an honorable brother of Alpha Iota Omicron, you will have chances to lead your fellow brothers, whether or not you choose to be a part of our executive board.

Brothers of Alpha Iota Omicron are responsible for working together to plan, organize, and execute workshops and events. We hold workshops to help each of our brothers become well-rounded by teaching the essentials for professional individuals. You will have exclusive benefits only available to brothers; you will have access to our alumni who are well-established in various fields. This fraternity has access to some of the top executives in the business field, as well as individuals in the medical field who are successfully operating their own practices.

You will make friendships that will last a lifetime. As you pledge, the brothers will lend you a helping hand whenever possible, assist you in school, your job search (while you attend school and after you graduate), and always be there when you need them. We strongly believe in our brotherhood, and as many of our brothers will tell you, you get from it what you put into it.

You will help people in our community better themselves, as well as individuals half-way across the world to overcome hardships. As a brother of AIO, we help you to realize that the possibilities are endless and show you the path to a better tomorrow for yourself and the community.