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About The ACS India Run for Hope

It was early Spring of 2006, when a few brothers of Alpha Iota Omicron received a request and thought it would just be another philanthropic event to provide for the local community. Little did they know the magnitude of the task that would be set before them.

The American Cancer Society had just launched a new program during the previous year to start its international efforts against the global cancer threat in India and the US. Our brothers were asked to create a sustainable grassroots-level campaign that would serve as a means for local communities to rally together and take a stand against the growing cancer crisis.

Though they had little experience, the fraternity hosted the first 5k run on August 26, 2006 at Georgia Institute of Technology, in conjunction with the India American Cultural Association (IACA) and a few student organizations at Georgia Tech. The event was able to rally just over 100 people and roughly $4,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society's India Cancer Initiative.

Fast forward three years later. As of 2009, over 20 student and community organizations have taken part in leading what is now known as the India Run for Hope, raising $40,000 for the ACS India Cancer Initiative. The board now consists of students from a variety of organizations and backgrounds, and it continues to pursue higher goals and expand to other cities across the nation.

Alhough the India Run for Hope has begun to grow well beyond the scope of a single organization, our brothers continue to take part in ensuring the success and growth of the movement at large, as it exmplifes all four of our principles. With strong ambition and determination, we strive to uphold this cause with the hope that it will have lasting impact and continue to save many more lives.

Remember, together we can make a difference.

Take a Step. Save a Life.

For more information on the India Run for Hope, visit: www.indiarun.org

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