Every chapter of Alpha Iota Omicron has had a profound impact on its respective campus ground. AIO has left a strong mark resulting from excellence and leadership, and has in turn left behind a legacy for potential members to follow. Combining our past history and impact with our strong pillars, the foundation of our fraternity serves interested members with several reasons to lean towards being a part of this lineage.

Initiating a new chapter on fresh grounds and ensuring a solid future for present chapters have been the primary foci of our National Board. Interested members often find abundant reasons to become part of this journey. In addition to providing potential Brothers a field to demonstrate their innate leadership capacity. By Being a part of their respective chapter Executive Board, and by occupying chair positions, not only do Brothers develop organizational skills, they also make friends for a lifetime. Brothers have the unique advantage of interacting with members from different academia at school as well as reaching out to individuals in their chosen industry. Our focus on social interaction provides members with a chance to create great memories in college, while maintaining a professional advantage as well. By striking the right balance and ensuring all round development through these ideals, AIO has attracted and continues to select numerous motivated individuals. Potential members of our fraternity have been trained to strike this balance, and have effectively made a difference in their community. Consequentially, those inclined towards being a part of this organization have proven that they are dedicated to a good cause and have left behind a legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you describe the process of becoming a Brother of Alpha Iota Omicron?

- Process is one that instills the pillars of AIO in the new members

- It requires that one to be acquainted with the brothers in your chapter or nationally

- There is no predetermined time period for the process of becoming a brother.

I'm not South Asian, but I'm interested in being a member of this fraternity. Can I still be associated with it?

- Any male interested in looking for strong friendship and brotherhood, looking to network, or with an inclination towards contributing to the South Asian Community and the society in general is welcome.

What are the steps that I have to take in order to start a new chapter on my campus?

- Contact the expansion team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How much commitment does this fraternity require? Will I be able to excel at school?

- Only a few hours per week depending on your interest in the organization.

- AIO stresses effective time management, and the Brothers help provide a flexible unique schedule in order to accomplish all goals.

Will I be able to afford the cost incur during my association with your organization?

- Yes. Membership of the fraternity does incur some cost, but the Brothers ensure that it is affordable.

How will AIO improve my personal development? Can I exercise leadership in this fraternity?

- Leadership is stressed throughout the process of becoming a brother.

- Improve networking, communication and negotiating skills.

- Profeesional insight through alumni affiliation.

- Play cross functional role various areas.

Will I be hazed? If so, to what extent?

- No, you will not be hazed under any circumstances.